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Message from the Principal

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

“Being a good person does not depend on social status, religion, race or culture. It actually depends on the values learned from childhood.”

It is indeed my privilege to be the principal of Gazipur Cantonment Public School and College. Gazipur Cantonment Public School & College started its journey in 2017 with a commitment to excellence in education. It is an excellent endeavor of Bangladesh Army to provide the children with standard education. Education is so much more than just the written word.  As a principal, I would like to see my students as a good human being rather than of being only a good student. In Gazipur Cantonment Public School and College, we will teach the values, norms and discipline to be a fully molded individual who are capable of taking the new challenges of life. Each child entrusted in our care has multiple sparks and many inherent qualities. To ensure that every moment spent in our school as a valuable learning opportunity, we introduced user friendly online system, that provide exclusive excess to all information regarding school. We, at Gazipur Cantonment Public School & College hope to practice teaching as a mission, learning as a passion, and excellence as a tradition. So, we pledge to lift our student’s hearts up high so that their lives will be shining like stars and they will be the best human being on earth.

Finally, I am honored that Bangladesh Army has given me the opportunity to spread standard education in the locality of Gazipur Cantonment area through Gazipur Cantonment Public School and College. I would like to fulfill my commitment towards my duty given by Bangladesh Army and transform this school as one of the best school in the country.

Lt Col Mohammed Omar Faruque, PhD, AEC
Principal, Gazipur Cantonment Public School and College
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